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Upcoming Events

Coming again this Fall!
Lunchtime Yoga at the Armory Learning Arts Center
Foundations of Yoga for New Beginners at the studio

​​​​​Saturday, June 30, 201​​​8
Gentle Yoga at "Art on the Avenue"
The Armory Learning Arts Center
​1018 Madison Avenue (downtown between the Montgomery Curb Market & Crampton Bowl)
On the auditorium stage
Please come a few minutes early to sign your waiver!
Free.  New beginners are welcome!
8:30-9:15 am

Where do I park?  Lots of parking is available to the side and back of The Armory Learning Arts Center & the Montgomery Curb Market, all free.

Where do I enter The Armory?  Enter through the arched, front door entrance that faces Madison Avenue. As you enter, the Auditorium will be directly in front of you. We’ll be on the stage so that we have reserved space.

What should I bring?  A yoga mat. The instructor will have only a limited number to loan. For extra comfort, bring a beach towel or small blanket that you could use as a pillow, cushion or cover. Bring water if you like.

What do I wear?  Comfortable, stretchy clothing, and plan to take off your shoes. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

Who can attend?  Our class is open to all and will be accessible to new beginners. Bring a friend!

What is Gentle Yoga?  Gentle Yoga is, as the name implies, gentle to the body & comforting to the mind.  It's a slow, mindful style of yoga that allows for the many differences that human bodies have.  Modifications to traditional yoga poses are often offered, allowing students to choose the right one for their needs.  It's a perfect style for those wishing a "lighter" yoga experience, for beginners, or for those with injuries or limitations to movement.

Can I do Gentle Yoga? I'm not flexible.  In most cases, yes!  This class will be structured with your "beginner body" in mind. You will be offered options that will help you to practice Gentle Yoga safely and comfortably.

What if I don't feel comfortable doing a pose?  Do I have to do it anyway?  Absolutely not.  Gentle Yoga is not gym class. If you're uncomfortable, it's truly okay to leave out a pose - you'll benefit from watching or resting, too. If you'd like to try a pose but feel it's a little too challenging, ask your teacher if there's a modification you can make. There is, in many cases. And as always... if your doctor has told you not to do something or you feel that you shouldn't, don't.

How do I get more information?  Please contact the instructor, Melinda Crosby, at 334-201-1530, or through the "Contact" page on this website.  Thanks!