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Happy New Year, friends!

Holiday Gift Yoga Week is Jan. 8-12, 2024.  Classes are free to all, so invite friends! 

These free classes are a great way for new beginners to see what Gentle Yoga is like. Classes will offer options for both brand new and returning students, and questions are welcome.

Wednesday, 8:30-9:30am CST, Gentle Yoga on Zoom 
This class offers both chair-based and traditional Gentle Yoga. You'll have the option of sitting/lying on the floor if you like but it won't be required. Everything can be done sitting in a chair and standing. We'll include gentle stretches, strength-building, and breathing to help us slow down. You'll need a yoga mat & a chair (if you want one), but nothing else will be required. If you've never tried yoga or have injuries, this class is a great place to start.  

Thursday, 4:30-5:30pm CST, Gentle Yoga on Zoom
This class offers traditional Gentle Yoga, so we'll be sitting/lying/kneeling on the floor and standing. We'll include stretches and strength-builders for the whole body, plus targeted work requested by YOU, the students. Slow, deep breathing gives us a nice bit of stress relief, too. You'll need a yoga mat & perhaps a couple of towels for padding, but nothing else is required.

Questions are welcome & I'm happy to talk with new people about, well, pretty much anything. 😉 Letting me know about current health issues before class is smart, too.

Welcome & Thanks!
Melinda Welch, C-IAYT
ReCreation Movement