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In-House Massage Therapy
With Dr. Mike of Oasis Massage
Since 2009, ReCreation has been working in collaboration with Dr. Michael Hudgins, Ph.D., of Oasis Massage & Bodywork.  His work is stellar!

Dr. Hudgins offers medical, relaxation, sports and prenatal Massage Therapy.  He also works with patients recovering from injuries, and teaches meditation.

"Dr. Mike" is known in central Alabama for his work with difficult cases. He specializes in Massage Therapy for dancers and athletes, fibromyalgia, MS and Parkinsonism sufferers, pediatric scoliosis and hyperactivity cases, post-surgery, stroke rehabilitation and pain management issues, and worker's compensation injuries. He also works with people who have panic attacks, are highly stressed, or have experienced teaching them how to slow down and control their breathing.

Dr. Mike applies a variety of massage techniques within any one-hour therapy session. His philosophy and unique approach can be summed up as a "thoughtful integration of techniques" that have proven effective based on the feedback from his clients (an "evidence based" approach). Through 14-plus years of work...covering over 7000 therapy sessions, he has found that a carefully chosen combination of techniques produces superior results, compared to the use of a single technique. Therefore, any therapy plan Dr. Mike develops is based on a person's unique condition and circumstances and not on the belief that one technique is the answer for all soft tissue problems.

Dr. Hudgins was professionally trained in massage therapy at The CORE Institute in Tallahassee, FL. CORE is one of the most respected massage therapy schools in the US. Its curricular emphases are medical and sports massage, and CORE Myofascial (deep tissue) Therapy. When he was attending CORE, Dr. Hudgins learned the intricacies of sports massage while working with several track and field athletes of the British Olympic Team. This opportunity to work with world class athletes set the stage for his work with many athletes, dancers, and performance artists in the Montgomery area. 

In his work, Dr. Hudgins lives the following statement written by Auburn University professor George Petrie in 1943: "I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all". 

Dr. Mike's new massage offering... Stillness Therapy massage is soothing, gentle and extremely calming.  Plus, it can be done with the receiver fully clothed if he or she prefers.  It's new and very relaxing.

To learn more about Dr. Mike's Massage Therapy, visit his website at