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Answers to your questions... if you don't see the information you need here, 
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Is it safe to practice yoga in the age of Covid-19?  Your health & happiness are our biggest concerns at ReCreation.  We do our VERY best to help keep you safe when you practice with us!  Our classes meet outdoors in beautiful settings or online in the safest place of all, your own living room, through Zoom.  Have more questions about your safety?  Please ask!

I'm inflexible!  Can I do yoga?  Absolutely.  Our beginner classes are structured with your "beginner body" in mind.  You will be given lots of options that will help you to do gentle yoga safely and comfortably.

How about if I have health problems?  In many cases, yes, you can practice gentle yoga.  Obviously it depends upon what the situation is.  If you are unsure if it's safe for you to practice yoga, please ask your doctor!  In many cases, gentle yoga and movement re-education can become beneficial parts of your life, providing opportunities for stress reduction, strength-building, gentle muscular release, and science-based education.

How do I register for a class?  Give us a call at 334-201-1530 or use the "Contact Us" form on this site.

Can I take private yoga lessons?  Yes. One-on-one yoga sessions can be designed for you alone or for your small group (with a maximum of four students).  Due to Covid-19, sessions will meet online through Zoom or outdoors in Blount Park.  Private lessons are especially good for those with special needs, new students, & those who need more individual attention. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer yoga therapy?  Absolutely. Melinda is a professional yoga therapist certified through IAYT.  She can help you with individual & small group yoga therapy sessions that address your individual areas of concern or interest.

What should I wear to practice yoga?  Something stretchy & comfortable, like exercise clothes.  Yoga is usually practiced barefoot, so no special footwear is needed.

What should I bring to Zoom class?  Confidence that you will enjoy & benefit from yoga!  As for physical things... a yoga mat.  Some people like a blanket or a couple of towels to use as padding for sensitive knees or hands.  Some like to have a yoga strap (or old necktie or belt) to use as a support in some stretches.  A yoga mat is the only "must have," so try a class & consult your teacher before you buy a lot of props that you might not need.

May I bring water into class?  Of course.

What if I don't feel comfortable doing a pose?  Do I have to do it anyway?  No!  Absolutely not!  Gentle yoga is not gym class.  If you're uncomfortable, it's truly okay to leave out a pose - you'll benefit from watching or resting, too.  If you'd like to try a pose but feel it's a little too challenging, ask your teacher if there's a modification you can make.  There is, in many cases.  And as always... if your doctor has told you not to do something or you feel that you shouldn't, don't.

Is it okay to come to class late?  We all lead very busy lives.  Balancing this fact with a set starting time for class is not easy;  therefore, classes have a five minute grace period for late-comers to arrive. Out of courtesy to those attending class, after the five minutes our class is closed.  We do this for the peace & concentration of those already in class.  We hope that you understand.

​What level are your classes?  Since the beginning of the pandemic, our classes have been mixed-level but very accessible for beginners.  Our Tuesday online class offers both traditional and chair-assisted poses with no "on the floor" work mandatory, so  every student can work with her/his own needs.  Our Thursday online class is a bit more physical than our Tuesday class & includes "on the floor" work.  Our in-person classes in the park (in nice weather) offer traditional pose instruction & are similar to our Thursday class.  Specific chair pose instructions are not offered in the park, but you're always welcome to bring your own chair if you like.  Gentle Yoga is a slow, mild form of yoga & very "beginner friendly." New beginners are always welcome in our classes!

I'm a new beginner & worried about jumping into a class.  What can I do?  A couple of things.  You could arrange a one-on-one session with Melinda to learn about basic safety & poses one-on-one, or you could gather a few beginner friends & form a private class.  Talk with Melinda about it!