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About Our Classes
At ReCreation Movement, we offer a variety of small, personalized classes that allow you to learn more about yourself.  Our class offerings and schedule change throughout the year.  

The Yoga for Your Life Series

Foundations of Yoga for New Beginners... Learn with beginners like yourself!   These classes explore yoga from the ground up, so to speak. We learn the basics of many common poses, discuss how to keep your body safe, and explore some of the anatomy, history and language of yoga. These classes are wonderful for new beginners.

Beginning Meditation... Yes, you can learn to meditate. This class is designed for those new to meditation and those wishing a refresher of the basics. We use simple relaxation and focus techniques to teach our minds to slow down and our bodies to release stress. Forget myths that you might have heard about meditation... it isn't religion, and completely clearing your mind is not necessary (and isn't truly possible anyway)!  Come with the mind that you have right now. We use the text Learn to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Self-Discovery and Fulfillment by David Fontana.  A few copies are available on loan if you prefer not to buy a book.  Reading and practice at home will be a must during this class.

Gentle Yoga​... Give yourself some TLC... These classes allow you to find quiet time for yourself while unwinding from the hurried pace of life. We move and breathe slowly, helping you find ways to loosen your body, relieve stress & address individual physical concerns. Supportive props help you to find your most comfortable and effective stretch in standing, lying and seated poses. These classes are great for beginners and anyone desiring a stretch that's kind to the body. Come and relax with us.

Yoga for Strength & Bone Health... This class focuses on bone & muscle strengthening through the slow, mindful movements of gentle yoga.  We use resistance bands, yoga straps & other props, combined with longer holds of familiar yoga poses, to stimulate bone growth.  If you're thinking about the effects that osteoporosis or lack of muscle strength could have on your life, this may be just what you're looking for.  *Please note, this class is not appropriate for those who already have highly advanced osteoporosis.*

Less is More! Yoga for Injury, Arthritis & Chronic Pain...  ​Sometimes less can truly be more! This shorter class gives extra care to injuries, arthritis, chronic pain & the like with gentle work for both strength and stretch. We use props like chairs, blocks & stretchy straps to provide lots of support. We try out modifications, too, so that each individual can discover their own best way. You'll need to be able to get up from the floor by yourself, but chairs, supports and plenty of time are given to help everyone do that. No hurry, no worry!

Gentle Yoga for Gardeners...  Gardeners use (and abuse!) their bodies in specific, repetitive ways. We kneel to plant, stoop to weed, reach to stake, bend to pick, pull to rake, even stand on one foot to keep from stepping on that precious seedling! Sometimes after a wonderful day outdoors, we hurt, too.  In this class we’ll explore the movements that we use in gardening, while both repairing & preparing our bodies for the green, fruitful season to come.

About Our Class Fees & Policies
Payment is by check or cash only, please.  If we accepted credit cards, we'd have to charge you more, and who wants that?!

For individual class and package purchase options, please see our "Policies" page.  Studio policies are there, too, of course!  Thanks!