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Gentle Yoga is excellent for reducing muscle tension, increasing stability, balance & flexibility in a soft way, working with injury & reducing stress.  Come see.  Beginners are welcome.

Gentle Yoga Classes, June 26-30, 2023:
Tuesday, 8:30-9:30am CDT, Gentle Yoga on Zoom*
Both traditional & chair-based instructions are provided for accessibility & comfort.  We'll use seated & standing positions in this gentle class that stretches the whole body.  Lying down & sitting on the floor are options for those who want them, but are not required at all.  We'll end with a short guided relaxation.  A yoga mat is recommended for safety.  Your first class is free!

*NEW CLASS TIME!  Thursday, 4:00-5:00pm CDT, Gentle Yoga on Zoom*
This class is more physical than our Tuesday class & doesn't offer chair options.  It uses positions lying & seated on the floor, kneeling & standing.  We'll use both targeted & whole-body stretches, gentle strength-builders & stress-relievers, ending with a short guided relaxation.  A yoga mat is recommended for safety.  Your first class is free!

Gentle Yoga in Blount Park... scheduled when the weather is nice.  Watch for it!
​Leafy, green trees above you.  Bird song.  A soft, morning breeze.  Perfect.  This is an all-levels class, available to everyone, with lots of options for accessibility.  You'll need a yoga mat, water, perhaps a couple of towels if you'd like some padding, plus anything for your comfort.  We meet under the trees on the right side of the ASF parking area, so restrooms & parking are close by.  Chair options will be available for anyone who chooses to bring a folding chair.  Contact us for more information & detailed directions.  Your first class is free!

Register for classes by contacting Melinda through the "Contact Us" page on this website, leaving a message at 334-201-1530, or by contacting her directly at [email protected] .

*Please understand that you & you alone are responsible for your safety if you choose to attend our classes. Melinda Welch & ReCreation Movement bear no responsibility for any injury. If your medical professional has told you not to do something, or you feel that something isn't right for you, please don't do it! Resting & watching are always great options! :-)

ReCreation Movement Classes & Private Yoga Sessions
At ReCreation Movement, we offer regularly scheduled and "by appointment" gentle yoga classes online that are personalized to the members of each class.  Our classes are small and calm, offering you time to nurture your body, mind and spirit.  We offer private, science-based yoga sessions that address individual concerns and provide more one-on-one attention and education, too.
Not interested in classes?
One-on-one instruction and
yoga therapy sessions are available.
One-on-one sessions are designed especially for you.  Experience focused therapeutic or relaxation practices, learn pose modifications for your body, work with a physical challenge, begin a home yoga practice, get started as a beginner or learn to meditate.  One-on-one sessions allow you greater individual time and attention than traditional classes would.  60 minute sessions are $60. Sessions with take-home drawings and instructions to help you practice yoga at home are $75 per 60 minute session.

Private yoga and yoga therapy sessions are also available as gift certificates.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and interests.