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Private yoga, yoga therapy & meditation instruction sessions can be scheduled Monday through Thursday as time allows.  Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and interests.

Group Classes:
Vacation is finished and ReCreation is open with a full schedule of classes this week. 
Welcome back, yoga friends!

Classes returning this Fall... Introduction to Yoga for New Beginners and Beginning Meditation!

Monday, 2:30 pm, Gentle Yoga for Strength & Bone Health (all levels, 90 minutes)
​This class focuses on building muscle strength & stimulating bone growth through the slow, mindful movements of gentle yoga. It is appropriate for students who are in reasonably good health.  Class includes soft, simple practices for stress relief & relaxation, too. *Please note, this class is not appropriate for those who have highly advanced osteoporosis.*

Monday, 5:00 pm, Gentle Yoga (experienced level class, 90 minutes, this class is currently full)
Ease tension, relieve stress & address your work-related aches and pains while you wind down from your day with this relaxation-focused group.  This class requires a bit more balance & greater knowledge of poses than our beginner classes.

Tuesday, 8:45 am, Gentle Yoga (beginner level class, 90 minutes)
Great for beginners & anyone looking for a gentle approach to stretch & body awareness. Take time for yourself while learning the basics.  This class includes a gentle stretch for the whole body, light strength work, & focus on your balance and breath.  If you are interested in increasing or maintaining your breath capacity, this might be just what you're looking for.  We start each session seated in chairs to relax and stretch, then move gently into standing and reclining poses.

Wednesday, 8:45 am, Gentle Yoga (beginner level class, 90 minutes)
If you've been thinking about trying gentle yoga or would simply enjoy a "lighter" class, this might be a perfect fit. Join us as we breathe, stretch, improve balance & reduce stress through the meditative movements of yoga.  This class includes gentle work for your whole body while focusing on common postural problems and balance.

Thursday, 8:45 am, Yoga for Strength & Bone Health (beginner level class, 90 minutes)
If you are concerned about the effects that osteoporosis could have on your life, this is an excellent group to join.  It's appropriate for beginners & anyone who would enjoy a patient, mindful approach to strengthening muscle & bone.  We include balance work and stress relief, too.  *Please note, this class is not appropriate for persons who have highly advanced osteoporosis.*

ReCreation Movement Classes & Private Yoga Sessions
At ReCreation Movement, we offer regularly scheduled and "by appointment" gentle yoga classes that are personalized to the members of each class.  Our classes are small and calm, offering you time to nurture your body, mind and spirit.  We offer private yoga sessions that can address individual concerns and provide more one-on-one attention and education, too.
Not interested in classes?
Private yoga and yoga therapy
sessions are available.
One-on-one sessions are designed especially for you.  Experience focused therapeutic or relaxation practices, learn pose modifications for your body, work with a physical challenge, begin a home yoga practice, or get started as a beginner.  One-on-one sessions allow you greater individual time and attention than traditional classes would.  60 minute sessions are $60. Sessions with take-home drawings and instructions to help you practice yoga at home are $75 per 60 minute session.

Private yoga and yoga therapy sessions are also available as gift certificates.