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Fees & Class Packages

Class packages for one hour classes:
4 Class Package: Four classes for $45 by cash or check.  Packages expire five weeks from the date of purchase.

"Drop-In"/Pay per Class:  "Pay-Per-Class" fee is $15 per class by cash or check, please.

Please get in touch with us through the "CONTACT US" page on this site or at 
334-201-1530 for more information & to purchase class packages.  Thanks!

Payment Options
Payment for classes is by cash or check, please.  If we accepted credit cards, we would be forced to pass on credit card fees to you & charge more for our classes.  We try to keep everyone's costs as low as possible!

Studio Policies

Please use kindness, good manners and common sense.   :-)

Classes are open to both new & returning students.  Beginners are always welcome!

Planning for your first class...
You'll have a conversation with your instructor before your first class, either by phone or email.  Your questions are always welcome & very important!  (To us, the only stupid question is an unasked question.)  :-)  You'll be sent registration & waiver forms to fill out, sign and return to your instructor.  These let your instructor know more about your class needs.

Being late...
We all lead very busy lives. Balancing this with a set starting time for class isn't easy; therefore, classes have a five minute grace period for latecomers to arrive. Out of courtesy to those attending class, after five minutes class is closed.  We do this for the peace of all involved and we hope that you understand!

Missing a class...
​If you have to miss your scheduled class, it's courteous to let your instructor know by phone, email or text so your class won't be waiting.  Melinda will help you get into another class, so please get in touch.

Yoga is meant to be practiced barefoot.  Practice socks made specifically for yoga may be used, too.  Ask your instructor for recommendations.

If you're warm-natured, you'll be happier in sports fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin.  Short sleeves/tank top and shorts/capris should be perfect.

If you're cool-natured, plan to dress in layers so that you can be comfortable both when you're still and when you're more active.  A light jacket or blanket might be comforting when you're being still.

Thanks for your help in making ReCreation a warm, welcoming group to practice!  :-)